P.S. Foam Board

Product Description

PS Foamboard is widely used as a temporary material in exhibition and advertising industry, such as indoor advertment, exhibition display boards, model illustration, and kiosk background board.

There are diverse types of foamboards, including one-sided / two-sided adhesive films and cardboard surface. Because foamboard is lightweight yet allow to stand upright – it is a great choice to cut and shape for customization.

PS Foam Board

  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Easy to cut and apply
  • Outstanding printing results
  • Ideal for all creative art and modelling works


Exhibition & Display Mounting

Artwork / Picture Framing & Mounting

Marketing & POP Advertising

Shop Window Display

Gift Box, Toy & Model

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Rigid PVC Foam Board

Product Description

PVC Rigid Foam Board is famous for its high stiffness property yet very lightweight compare to plastic sheets in the same class.

This makes it widely applicable in construction, decoration and advertment. Due to its density and structure similar to wood, it can replace natural wood and steel for its application. During the manufacturing process, it is refined into a non-toxic and odorless product, making it a new type of environmentally friendly material in the materials market.

Rigid PVC Foam Board

  • Lightweight, abrasive resistant, corrosion resistant, chemical proof & water proof
  • Can be reusable
  • Easy to print, use, cut & install
  • Thick sheets : moisture & vapor resistant, anti-insects, superb in long time storage
  • Can be washed, it is weather proof and with good insulation properties
  • Good flammability resistance


Partition Wall

Kitchen & Washroom Cabinet

Advertising Sign Board

Exhibition Panel

Cool Insulation Material

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