Acrylic Sheet

Product Description

  • Excellent optical characteristics
  • Lightweight and has multiple times the breakage resistance of standard glass 
  • Highly resistant to weather conditions.
  • Can easily be heat-formed without loss of optical clarity
  • Can be sawed, drilled, milled, engraved, and finished with sharp carabide-tipped tools
  • Cut surfaces can be readily sanded and polished
  • Variety of series, with wide range of colours and different sizes available


We are the supplier of A-GRADE acrylic sheets from:

  • Sumipex®
  • PT GLAS®

Glossy Series

A standard acrylic sheet has glossy surface on both sides of the sheet.

Choices of color are extensive, which can be custom-made at your request. Clear, solid or translucent series are most common types of acrylic sheet.

Frost Series

Frost series offering a matte texture on the sheet surface, showcasting a blurry visual illustration.

We offer a few types of matte sheets, differ in the degree of light transmission and opacity. Single-sided matte sheets are the most common type in frost series. 

Feel free to enquire.

Metallic Series

The metallic series offers a similar effect of a metal surface. This solid sheet isn’t light transmittable, giving it as a unique, shimmering choice for your product.

LED Blocks

Acrylic sheets specialized for LED application can evenly diffuse the light source to reduce glare.

Because it has excellent light transmittance characteristic, it can achieve the same brightness with lower energy costs, compare to regular opaque sheet.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Compared with glass and polished metal sheet, acrylic mirrors are lightweight, flexible, impact-resistant, safer, and less expensive.

Acrylic mirrors come in various colors. All showing smooth and seamless surface reflections. Welcome to inquire.


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Museum Grade Anti-reflective Acrylic Sheet

Product Description

Museum Grade Anti-reflective Acrylic Sheet provides high degree of UV-protection and  eliminates reflections.

As the reflection on the sheet is limited, observer can look at the protected product carefully without disturbance.  This sheet is commonly applied as the protection of frames and display cabinets for cultural relics, antiques and art collections.

Anti-reflective Acrylic Sheet

• Non-reflective
• High clarity
• UV protection
• Abrasion resistant
• Anti-static

Thickness : 3mm
Size :  1270mm x 2760mm


Museum Exhibits

Retail Displays

Art Framing

Picture Framing

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Polycarbonate Sheet

Product Description

With the SABIC’s portfolio of polycarbonate products, it help customers develop lightweight, durable parts with tailor-made performance across a wide variety of industries. It is virtually unbreakable, fire retardant, comes with UV protection and provides remarkable clarity – even after many years of intense sunlight and weather extremes.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Specific series has anti-UV protection on both sides, suitable for protecting artworks and exhibits from UV damage
  • High insulation level prevents heat loss
  • Excellent retardancy
    (Fire certificate provided, such as BS476) 
  • Good sound insulation effect, better sound insulation than glass materials
  • Light-weight




Roofs & Skylights


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Plastech Twinwall

The light weight and unique structure of Plastech Twinwall make this product easy to facilitate and fast to install. It provides excellent thermal insulation, UV and flame resistance, and long-term light transmission.

Multi-wall Sheet

The structure of LEXAN™ THERMOCLICK™ high-performance multi-wall sheet is specifically designed with a tongue and groove connection, including a groove for double-sided tie on the inside.

This particular design equip the material with impact resistant, energy-saving features, along with eye-catching choice of colors for designer. Both functional and asthetic properties in one sheet.



Roof Top

Stadiums & Buildings


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PVC Sheet

Product Description

PVC film (polyvinyl chloride film) has good transparency, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, and is easy to process.

  • strong, durable and rigid
  • High strength-to-weight ratio, chemical resistance, and low moisture absorption
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties, making them a popular choice in electrical and electronic applications.
  • Can be easily cut, drilled, shaped, and welded
  • With its relatively low cost, commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as construction, automative, and industrial uses

PVC Sheets

PVC thin sheet are most commonly used on nameplate, silk-screen printing and product packaging.

PVC thick board are used in anti-corrosion equipment in the chemical industry, or stage construction with a wide range of applications.

  • Thickness: 0.2 – 1.5mm
  • Source: Japan, Taiwan, China


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Engraving Sheet

Product Description

Rowmark is one of the most famous brand for engraving sheets.
The sheet has a durable, long-lasting surface that can be easily engraved and customized.

Available in a variety of series, colours, textures, functions.

Engraving Sheet

The ‘sandwich’ engraving sheet is divided into two layers or three layers. The color plates are suitable for different purposes and are easy to process.

It is suitable for creation of door plates, publicity materials, trophies, gifts, etc.

Commonly choice of : Two or Three layers
Common thickness : 1.5 mm
Measurement : 2′ x 4′


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Ribbed / Patterned Acrylic Sheet

Product Description

  • Ribbed acrylic sheet is a great substitute for glass as it is lighter, more shatter-resistant and easier to use
  • The ribs pattern on one side create interesting visual effect, and help to diffuse light, and can provide structural support and rigidity to the sheet
  • Available in various patterns and colours

Translucent sheet with vertical stripes

  • With elliptical curved surface,
    suitable for interior design and decoration
  • Embossing properties stretch and
    expand the spatial sense
  • Light-weight

Water Flow Pattern Acrylic Sheet

  • Suitable for interior design and embellishments
  • Light-weight
  • Imported products, high quality


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