Self-adhesive Vinyl

Product Description

Self-adhesive vinyl is a vinyl material that has a pressure-sensitive coating on one side. The adhesive backing allows the vinyl to stick to variety of surfaces without the need for additional adhesive or glue.
Easy to apply and can be cut to size and patterns using a plotter.

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Commonly used for signage, banners, decals, vehical wraps, graphics, and other applications where a durable and long-lasting adhesive material is required

Colour Series

Colour series include a wide variety of colours, from basic primary colours like red, blue, and yellow, to all secondary and special colours too.

  • It offers plenty of options for customization and creativity, allowing for endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique and eye-catching designs.

Metallic Series

A type of adhesive film with a metallic appearance.

Convenient and cost-effective way to upgrade the design without the need for painting or use of expensive materials.

  • It includes a variety of metallic finishes, such as gold, silver, bronze and copper.  It may also have a textured finish to mimic the look of real metal, such as brushed or sand metal.





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Glass Decor Series

Self-adhesive vinyl with a frosted or etched glass appearance.

Often used for privacy in office spaces, conference rooms and homes while still allowing natural light to pass through.

It can also be used for decorative purposes, creating frosted glass effect on doors or windows.

  • Different patterns or frost effects are available.



Office & Conference Room

Interior Design

Windows & Doors

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Vehicle & Transport Vinyl

A type of vinyl material that is specifically designed for use in transportation. 

It is made from a durable and flexible PVC material which can conform to the contours of the vehicle surface.


Vehicle Vinyl

Transport Advertisement

Building Ads

Windows & Doors

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Blackboard Series

Blackboard self-adhesive tape can transform any smooth surface into a blackboard or chalkboard.

Can create a writable surface at home or in office without the need for traditional chalkboards or blackboards.

The tape can be written on with standard chalk, and erased with a chalkboard eraser or damp cloth.

  • Available in Black & Green colors.


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Application Tape

Product Description

It is an adhesive tape that is used to transfer the vinyl  lettering or graphics from their original release liner to a final surface

Transfer tape are available in film or paper material with a low-tack adhesive that is strong enough to hold the vinyl in place but can be easily removed without damaging the vinyl

Available in 3 types of adhesive : Strong, Medium, Weak, to ensure a successful transfer

Application Tape Series

  • Clear Type
    Width : 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″

  • Paper Type
    Width : 12″, 24″, 36″, 48″

  • Adhesive :  Strong, Medium, Weak




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Chemiguard Film

Product Description

The film is designed to protect surfaces from various viruses.
Without the need to clean the surface regularly with alcohol or sanitizing agents.

Chemiguard Series

Because acrylic sneeze guard designed to protect people from exposure to respiratory droplets. Panel surface can add an antibacterial adhesive protective film – to effectively eliminate viruses up to 99.99%. (incl. Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease)

  • Pass US UL94 fire retardant test
  • Pass SGS – EU, RoHS and REACH testing and certifications
  • Obtain Japan SIAA anti-bacterial certification and test report


Public Areas

Medical Equipment


Covid Dividers

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