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In May 2021, our Chairman, Patrick Tsang and Managing Director, Kevin Ng, presented a motivational and career-focused talk with students from Ning Po College.

Being part of the Business School Partnership Programme 2020/21 of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), our management was honored to share their precious experiences and guidance with students interested in the financial sector.

Both Patrick and Kevin introduced the portfolio and business of Tsangs Group. They also explained the basic idea and structure of family offices, as well as some concepts and terms in the financial field such as the mechanism of an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

In Patrick’s session, he shared the experience of his career change from law to finance, and encouraged students to believe in themselves and always stay curious to find out their own answers.

“Whenever there is anything you don’t understand, be active to search the answer yourself.” – Patrick Tsang

During the Coronavirus lockdown, Patrick started a new video podcast series, “Anything is Possible,” featured on social media platforms, interviewing guests for their experiences during lockdown and spreading positive messages. Students were enthusiastic about the guests and interesting contents of the channel.

Meanwhile, Kevin explained to students that in the world of finance, rather than 80 or 90 points, people always do their best and aim at 100 points. He used an IPO as an example, the only way to success is the completion of an IPO, and there is no intermediate stage for the process. That is why students should try their very best in everything.

In the Q&A session, some students showed curiosity about investing. Kevin explained that stock or money investments would be too early for them. On the contrary, he inspired them by telling them that the best investment at their stage is to study hard and strive for continuous improvement.

Special thanks to the invitation from Ning Po College and HKGCC for the opportunity.


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